Brazil April 2014

Brazilian Tour and Studio Update

March 20, 2014

We are in the studio getting the new album recorded. It is coming out sick!!! Also, at the end of April we will are headed down to South America to do some concerts in Brazil. It has been a couple of years since we have been down there, so it is sure to be killer.
Obituary - 70,000 Tons of Metal

70,000 Tons of Metal!!!

February 3, 2014

What can we say other than that 70,000 Tons of Metal totally rules the Seven Seas!!! Holy hell, we had such a great time hanging out with bands like Carcass, Death, Massacre, Overkill, Fear Factory, Death Angel, DRI, Terrorizer and many others, plus of course, hanging out with all the fans. What a killer concept that we are all lucky to be part of. We hope to be a part of this event again soon. Anyhow, now that we are back on land, it is time to get the new album recorded. We started some scratch tracks prior to the cruise and now we will hit the ground running in the studio. Check back for further studio reports. Thanks again 70,000 Tons of Metal and to everyone we met. Stay metal!!!