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metal meowlisha

We have a new website under construction that should be up and running soon!

Who is metal meowlisha?

A couple of metal heads who really love cats...and take care of more than 130 homeless cats on the streets each day!

What does metal meowlisha do?

Donald and Heather are committed to caring for feral cats in more than 20 spots or ‘colonies’ each day, 365 days a year.   This also involves continually practicing Trap-Neuter-Return and using spay/neuter to control the population of free roaming cats in our area.   The ASPCA endorses Trap-Neuter-Return as the ONLY Humane and Effective manner of managing free roaming cat populations, and so do we!   In caring for so many cats on the streets, we find many abandoned cats, especially in the current economy and college area that we are working in. Often they are in need of health care, some need extensive treatment.  The MM works with our vet and local clinics to the sick and injured cats we find, and networks with the wonderful rescues and shelter in our city to help find homes for friendly, adoptable cats and kittens.  We strive to provide medical care as needed to sick or injured feral cats so they can be returned to their outdoor homes to live happily and comfortably.  The MM embraces a no-kill ideology and strives to treat sick and injured cats without euthanizing cats based on financial considerations or testing positive for infectious diseases.  We also believe that any cat or kitten whose life will be impacted by the results of a "positive" test deserves to be retested as these results are not always correct the first time, and sometimes with a time a cat will clear the antibodies or virus.  They don't euthanize MLB players for testing positive!  We believe all cats deserve a second chance as much as it is possible, keeping the cats quality of life & prognosis of course in primary consideration.


Donations may be sent to our new paypal account:

(exsisting palpal account holders)

Right now Petsmart or Wal-Mart gift cards are a wonderful way to help us feed the cats!!! Donations for vet care can also be made over the phone via credit card to:

VCA Carrollwood Cats
(make sure to specify "Wienker Medical Account)

Checks may also be mailed to:

VCA Carrollwood Cats

13305 N. Orange Grove Drive
Tampa, FL 33618
( Please be sure to indicate a phone number and your drivers icense number on the check).

Email us:


Help Cats

Please, help us save cats from cruelty, neglect and overpopulation. This kitty was shot with a BB gun seven times, yet he survived. Now, someone has shot his mother and brother, too. Like many cats, they lived on the streets due to overpopulation. Your donation can help Donald Tardy save cats like Yimmy and fight overpopulation.

Please, help us care for those who don’t have a voice to ask for help.

Donations, fosters and adopters needed!!!



pre-register at unation.com

EurOpean summer festivals Tour 2010
august - september

August 19
Dinkeslbuehl, Germany
Summer Breeze Festival

August 21
Rostock, Germany
Alte Zuckerfabrik

August 26
Berlin, Germany

August 28
Bergen, Norway
Hole in the Sky Festival

August 30
Minsk, Belorussia

September 2
Kiev, Ukriane
Global East Rock Festival

September 3
Granada, Spain
El Tren

September 4
Barcelona, Spain
Salamadra 1

September 5
Villava /Pamplona, Spain

September 6
Galicia, Spain
Mondo Club

September 7
Madrid, Spain

September 9
Lisbon, Portugal
Cine-teatro de Corroios

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Help Us, Help Cats

Help Us, Help Cats...


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